Thursday, May 26, 2011


I used to hate being alone.  Not so much anymore.  With a husband, 4 kids, a full-time job, numerous animals and 20 acres to look after, I relish any time I can find peace.  I was lucky enough to design our house a few years back.  There are 2 ways into our master bath.  Each way has 2 locks, plus the lock on the water closet door itself! (I recently learned water closet is how a polite Southern lady should say toilet room.)  Even after having all those locks, there is still no peace.  I can still heat them fighting, yelling or banging on the doors for my attention.  Maybe outhouses weren't such a bad idea.  Sure they smell bad, and you had to go out further from the house in the heat or freezing cold to get there, but surely those things kept the kids away when Mom needed some "me time"! Yea, probably not.  Instead of fingers under the door, there were fingers in the moon cut out.  "Hey, Mom!  Johnny won't let me ride the goat too!"  Well my time must be up here...I see fingers under the door.