Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The story of Mary Yoder

We're really not racial or into stereo-typing, I promise.   We're just equal opportunity smart-asses.

Dick Wagner
Hey, are you in Texas this weekend? I fly into Dallas on Thursday.
Yesterday at 2:15pm ·  ·  · See Friendship

  • You like this.

    • James  I'm here alright...How long are you staying?
      Yesterday at 2:17pm · 

    • Dick Wagner We fly out the 5th.
      Yesterday at 2:18pm · 

    • James Any plans to head this way?
      Yesterday at 2:20pm · 

    • Dick Wagner Not yet....I have to see what my mom and sister have planned. I'll keep you posted.
      Yesterday at 2:28pm · 

    • Jenny  His sister isn't making plans. Plans suck.
      Yesterday at 2:44pm · 

    • James Im glad you dropped the whole "Jenny" thing and have accepted sister as your new label. :) Lets do something!!!
      Yesterday at 2:46pm · 

    • Dick Wagner I'm pretty sure "oh great one" was already taken, sorry sister.
      Yesterday at 2:59pm · 

    • Dick Wagner James E. Russell you want to come up and see us?
      Yesterday at 3:00pm · 

    • James I can do that. Just let me know when the best time or day would be and we can work something out
      Yesterday at 3:03pm · 

    • Jenny I have 4+ kids, 2 horses, 2 goats, 7 chickens, 1 mama cat with 5 kittens, and 5 dogs. Where in the hell do you think I am going to be?! Seriously, we r home the entire time. Let us know when u and your girl want to come up.
      Yesterday at 3:09pm · 

    • James Easy, easy. Nobody told you to be Amish, Mary Yoder. I will talk to her later and let you know.
      Yesterday at 3:14pm · 

    • Jenny LMAO! Can't wait to see you! Bryant said I was too lazy to be Amish
      Yesterday at 3:16pm · 

    • Michelle  I'm jealous. I wish we had more money so that we could all come.
      Yesterday at 3:57pm · 

    • Chris  Hymie-bring the air mattress your mother has and you can stay here. Rich gets in on Thursday so come anytime. I have a wadding pool in the backyard that I'm sure the boys only peed in a few times. Bring a bathing suit (or not!). State your beer preference now or take what you get. What goes with S'mores?????
      Yesterday at 6:51pm · 

    • Jenny  ‎@Jamie - Bryant said you could use the air mattress mom left here a few years ago.
      23 hours ago · 

    • Dick Wagner ‎@ mary yoder, hahahaha. Looking forward to seeing you all. I wish M and B could be coming out as well, but hopefully next year we can all do an Ohio trip.
      11 hours ago · 

Sarcasm - not for the stupid... or is it?

Scientist say sense of humor is a learned trait...I beg to differ.
Below is a conversation between my little brother, cousin and myself.

I had 5 minutes interspersed throughout my day today, and even when I didn't, my iPhone is my BFF.  You all already knew I had no life...